I am so happy you found your way to my page! My name is Gabriela and when I am not in an office or studying, I work as a yoga and dance instructor.

I offer yoga classes, liberating dance workouts and hula hoop workshops. I am based in Malmö, Sweden, but I love to travel and teach whenever I can.

 If you are looking for an accesible, creative, gentle as well as challenging class, then I invite you to come and try one of my classes. I offer alignment-based vinyasa yoga classes that will leave you feeling great after a busy day. Click here to learn more

 If you would like to try a different type of workout class and you love to dance, then come and try one of my liberating and fun dance workout classes! Click here to learn more

I am excited to dance, hula-hoop or practice yoga with you.

Feel free to email me at hello@gabrieladelo.com. or go straight to my classes page to book a class with me.

Until then, take care

<3<3, Gabriela