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Yoga classes 

I teach alignment-based vinyasa flow classes and Yin Yoga classes.  The classes include breathing exercises, yoga postures, and relaxation techniques as well as simple meditations. I encourage you to modify whenever you need to but I will also give you healthy challenges. For more detailed information and to see the schedule click here

The space we are in is simple and the classes are friendly and open to all kinds of individuals. If you’ve been a bit hesitant to join larger yoga studios, then you might find the room and group size just perfect.  A smaller group of maximum 12 students per class.

 Yoga off the mat

I strongly believe in the importance of practicing yoga off the mat, while waiting in a long queue at the supermarket on a busy Friday evening. While having a fiery conversation with a loved one. At work by the copy machine, sitting or standing at a desk, or during your lunch break. 

I often do forward folds while I am waiting by the copy machine, I take some full yogic breaths in the middle of a stressful situation and my favorite one which is sneaking in a 5-minute meditation when my colleague has left the room, even these few minutes really do help!

I offer tools, exercises, and tips you can use in your daily life. You’ll learn or develop these during my classes and by watching online videos and other goodies I create exclusively for my students.


Dance workouts classes

The classes are meant to feel fun and liberating! perfect if you just want to sweat, smile, and shake the stress away. There won’t be any choreography to remember and we work out the whole body from head to toes. There will be some functional strength exercises as well. For more details and see the schedule please click here

No matter if it’s a yoga class, a dance workout or a hula hooping workshop, I always like my students to leave class feeling more blissful, stronger, more flexible and calmer in the mind.