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Liberating and intuitive dance workouts


This class is a mix of dance aerobics, intuitive dance, and functional exercises.

The classes are meant to feel fun and liberating, perfect if you just want to sweat, smile and shake the stress away. There won’t be any choreography to remember and you will work out your body from head to toes.

The dance workouts are inspired by the chakra system and the ultimate goal is to leave class feeling more blissful. One of my students said at the end of the term,

I am not sure what these classes were really, I can’t describe them, but it was wonderful to just move and let go of “doing it right”

I guess you just have to come and try the classes out for yourself!

Not sure what the chakra system is? read more here

What are the classes like?

I guide you through different songs, everything from afrobeat to reggaeton to 70’s disco. You can follow my lead, but I also invite you to find your own dance flow. If you love to dance like nobody is watching and find that, to be the best feeling ever, then this class is made for you!

Want to connect and dance with me? Follow me on instagram @blissfulmovements_with Gabbi. Every now and then I go Live and dance my heart out. 


If you are interested in having me come teach a class or workshop at your studio, workplace or other event, please get in contact with me by emailing me at hello@gabrieladelo.com or here