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I’m here to support you on your yoga journey and to inspire you to uncover your own joyuous  movement flow. Doing it all in a safe and friendly space.

My yoga journey  

 It began many years ago. My brother gave me a yoga mat and some blocks, I didn’t know that much about yoga or yoga blocks, I just ended up putting them under pot plants!

Back in 2004, I was doing a lot of Mat Pilates. A couple of years later I went to my first yoga class and I liked it, a lot! I started practicing yoga every now and then, I tried several classes at yoga studios, I did yoga at home with online videos and DVD’s and I attended weekly Ashtanga classes. 

I felt so great after every class, my mind was calmer, my body was more relaxed and I wanted to understand why? I started practicing more frequently and some years ago I considered joining a yoga teacher training to learn more about yoga and go deeper into the practice. And so my yoga teacher journey began.

Teacher Trainings and Courses

  • 2011Zumba Fitness Instructor Training 
  • 2011 – Hoopnotica Hoopdance Teacher Training
  • 2017 – 200h Yoga Teacher Training. I completed my first 200h teacher training in Cambodia with traditional Indian Sivananda yoga teachers from the Himalayan International Yoga Center. A training with an intense focus on developing a capacity for inner awareness. The training provided me with a good introduction to traditional holistic yoga.
  • 2018 –  200h Yoga Teacher Training. This 4-month intense alignment vinyasa based training offered by Uplifted Yoga, with Brett Larkin provided me with more in-depth knowledge of the practice of yoga
  • 2018Hoop Love Coach Training – Hooplovers 
  • 2019Certifed Wellness Masseuse – Stockholm Massage Academy
  • 2019 – Yin Yoga Teacher TrainingKassandra Reinhert                                                    
  • 2019 – YOGABODY Breathing Coach Training – Yoga Teachers College
  • 2020 – YOGABODY Gravity Yoga TT

I´m so grateful for everything all my dear teachers have taught me. I will continue to study and learn  for myself and for my future students.

My dance story

Where do I even begin? I’ve danced since I can remember. My first memories are from the neighborhood parties we use to have on the weekends in our outdoor garage space. The weather was hot, humid, sunny and the merengue beats had my tiny feet going crazy.  Since then I’ve been attending weekly dance classes. I’ve danced everything from  Latin jazz, jazzballet, streetdance, tribal fusion belly dance and Bollywood dance. But most of all I love to just let loose and let my intuition guide my movements.

Teaching Dance

In 2011, out of the blue, a friend asked me if I wanted to start teaching Zumba classes and I said yes. I attended a Zumba Fitness instructor training and started teaching  shortly after. I taught at gyms,  and held weekly private group classes for about three years. I really enjoyed it and I discoverd a new talent. Leading and teaching group classes. I’ll be forever grateful to my friend.

In 2018 I decided to start my own style of dance workout classes. These classes are inspired by the chakras and are super fun, energetic and liberating. We sweat, laugh and dance our hearts out.

Hula hooping love

Late one evening in late December 2010, I was searching for something, a practice one could start to calm one’s mind. A meditation perhaps.  A video of a woman with the biggest ring around her caught my attention. I clicked on it and after those four minutes, I was home. I had found my kind of moving meditation.

I saw myself just going round and round in circles smiling and being happy. I saw this gracious beautiful woman dancing slowly with a large weighted hula hoop, round and round she danced with this hula hoop, I was absolutely mesmerized and instantly ordered one online from a company on the other side of the world. It arrived just after the New Year and I was hooked for life!

Every free moment I would practice watching videos and experimenting with my hula hoop. I was blue all over, my kitchen floor and ceiling were colored and scared from the gaffer tape, my light bulbs were broken but I was in the flow.

Teaching Hula Hooping/Hoopdance

In 2011 I got certified to teach hula hooping so I could have more friends to hoop with. After I’d taught nearly all my friends to hula hoop, I started teaching anyone who came my way. For almost three years, I taught women, men, kids and traveled to new places to teach and learn more. I taught classes and workshops in several countries and to all kinds of amazing human beings. I really enjoy guiding people and seeing them get lost in their own flow. 

This circle of joy has opened my world to new possibilities and new realizations. It has taught me so much about myself and about life. It’s my go-to bliss accelerator, my dance partner and one of the  reasons why I’m a more confident woman today.

My Stories

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